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Self storage is one of the fastest-growing and successful business ventures, recording growth rates of between 8% and 15% over recent years.

Store First Investors receive an 8% fixed-rate rental return for a period of two years. For the next two years, and at a regular interval of two years, Store First offers a fixed-rate return.
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Total Income:
Total Return (income + resale @ Yr6):
Total Return:
Investment Return

Investment return

Store First Ltd plan to have all of their sites at 80% occupancy within two years, giving them revenue from three income streams...

Return on Investment
Prices and Income

Prices and Income

Dedicated to continue to provide the very best infrastructure and support we are fast becoming an exemplary business...

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Exit Routes

Exit Routes

This investment has a flexible exit achieved by sale of the Storepod. We will help market your Storepod. There are four possible markets...

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